Our Process

At Nonperishable Designs, we aim to partner with you to bring your graphic designs come to life.

As each client has different needs, we use our design experience to fit your needs. With a general process that we follow, we aim to make sure that things will run smoothly as possible.

Step One: Consultation

At Nonperishable Designs make an effort to get to know each of our clients to ensure that we’d make a great fit. We can schedule a phone call, set up a Skype appointment; or even an in-person consultation if you’re in the Aurora, CO area to get on comfortable grounds. We will discuss your brand and the goals of your business and discuss our ideas. This intended to be a two-way discussion rather than the traditional consultation process in which one side is often overrepresented.

Step Two: Collaboration

Once we’ve gotten on the same page, we will drop a quote that will outline what we’ve discussed. You will then look it over and let us know what is needed to be adjusted. Once you are happy with the agreement, we will produce a contact and get started on your work. We will also put a schedule of production to help you know what to expect and when to expect it.

Step Three: Development

We will use this time to do our research and brainstorm with all the necessary ideas for your task. We will use these ideas to build up and bring your concepts to life. We will also give you concepts that will help you decide what you would like to see on your graphic design.

Step Four: Revisions

During this step, we will discuss your feedback and work forward until you are happy with your new design. We will then put the final draft together for you to review and approve your designs for completion.

Step Five: Delivery

In this step, we will put all the details that we’ve been working on together to create your final piece. Once you have given the approval for the design, we will provide the print-ready files, package your design files, and launch your website.

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