Nonperishable Designs is in the business of making your brand look amazing to your clients. We aim to stay ahead of the competition with fresh ideas and a simply better work ethic. We aim to make your entire brand look great- not just a logo or a one off design.

Here’s what we offer:

Branding Services

Branding your services is what makes the difference between you and your competition. Forbes has a great article on what a brand really is and it is worth checking out before making investments in your marketing. Branding is different from advertising or anything else traditionally thought of as marketing. By branding your services, business, products or even yourself you enhance what you do now by intertwining it with strong and powerful ideas but also extend this benefit to future endeavors. The auto industry provides a particularly potent example of this in action. People discuss brands and the associated car company more than they do the actual vehicle. Not to go too deep into the example but think of Honda as an example. What comes to mind? For most people, it is a high quality but not necessarily luxury car that will run for just about ever. The next vehicle made by Honda will get these same qualities associated with it by the general market simply based on reputation- based on brand! This could be quite the edge!


Our branding service sets you up with one our branding experts for a one on one strategy session. During this session, we will discuss what it takes to be a brand and what you want your branded image to be. And don’t think that you can’t brand your services just because you’re local!


Web Design

It’s 2017- if you don’t have a strong web presence then you will be left behind. Simple as that. Word of mouth works but it will only last so long and any modern campaign, whether local or national, depends on the use of a website. The key to a successful business includes a powerful website. Websites are a great marketing tool that will drive more leads and add competition to your brand. We provide competitive rates to help you build a successful website that is SEO friendly and visually appealing.

Print Design Services

Print is not dead! Our print design services will help ensure that all your details and ideas go as planned. From brochures to business cards, you will most likely need to have printed materials for your business. We take pride in creating fresh ideas to give you a better insight on how we can make your marketing strategy stand out. Let us help you make a long-standing impression with the use of unique and fresh graphics that will represent your brand.

Whatever your company needs may be, our graphic designers are ready to help. We understand the need for graphic solutions as it is more than an attractive logo or website design.

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